Keyboard Climber

(These links are brought to you by Logan, a 7th grade student from Colorado Springs.  Logan has a passion for
computers and technology!  He found our website and had some great recommendations!  THANK YOU, LOGAN!! )  Typing Trainer is a web typing course that teaches you the efficient touch typing method for free.

Typing Word Games - This online typing test is wonderful practice for not only your typing, but your English skills too!

Hamlin Middle School Typing Games - The Hamlin Middle school media center has put together a wonderful collection of free typing games that will
help any student increase their skills.

Peter's Online Typing Lessons - Peter's typing and keyboarding lessons will take you step by step through learning how to type. Go through each letter
and row to learn typing from start to finish.

NASA's Space Place Sign Here! - NASA needs help! Type the words as they appear on the screen to help them put their signs together.

Byte Back Typing Tutorial - This is a free course that teachers people how to type via touch and not by looking at the screen.

Keyboard Tutorial and Typing Test - With 16 lessons to choose from, plus typing tests to test what you've learned, this website will have you typing in
no time!

Keyboarding Basics - Do you know what the home row of the keyboard is? If you're new to computers and typing, start here!

Online Typing Speed Test - Are you curious as to how many WPM (words per minute) you can type? Find out your speed with these free online typing

Which Fingers go Where? - New to typing? This introductory lesson will show you what fingers go where on the keyboard.

Text to Type - This touch typing tutor will start you on the home row, and have you mastering the whole keyboard in no time!

New Typing - With over 50 online typing games to choose from, you will never get board learning how to type!

PowerTyping - This website is good for not only kids learning how to keyboards, but for adults who need extra practice! With typing tests, typing
practice drills and online games for the young and old alike, this is a great place to start!

Keyboardng Skills for Kids - Geared toward the younger generation, these typing games and drills are great practice for the beginner at the keyboard.

Typing for Children - Learn accuracy, speed and other keyboarding basics.

Online Typing Speed Test - Do you know how many words per minute you can type? Test your skills and accuracy here!

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys - This is the goldmine for all things shortcut related. If you're interested in learning shortcuts for all of
Microsoft's software (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc…) or you want to know shortcuts for those who are working on Apple products, this guide can help!

Typing Tutor - This online typing tutor provides all the typing statistics you could need to monitor your keyboarding progress.

Typing Pal - Typing Pal online is one of the very few websites that offers personalized direction in your typing skills. Available for individuals and
school/classroom settings.

10FastFingers - Learn to type faster and with more accuracy with this typing test.

Written by Michele Wheat Last edited: 6/20/2017